Agile design. Delivered.


Growing companies need design to differentiate and profit. But where can companies get great design delivered fast and the help they need to grow?

Meet agile design by Soled NYC. Founded by sisters Gemma and Lucy Sole, Soled NYC is a digital agency built with business needs in mind. Gemma as a tech founder and Lucy as a creative director realized that lean companies could excel and increase their brand value with design on-demand. And Soled NYC was born.

Our team has over 20 years combined experience in building products, brands and advertising campaigns with brands like Macy’s Inc, Lord & Taylor, and Microsoft. Collectively, Soled NYC has worked with direct-to-consumer brands, tech startups, and small businesses across industries like Automotive, B2B, Health/Pharma, Government, Lifestyle, Music, Luxury, Travel/Tourism, Startups and Spirits Industries.

Is your brand ready to be soled?